Book Review: A Book for Puchku

There are many reasons we love stories, the most loved ones are usually where we can identify with the protagonist.  When I was younger, I have been known to ignore even the most important tasks when I had an interesting book in hand. Puchku, the little girl in this book is exactly the same. She reads all the time - at home, in school, in the park, in bed everywhere. When her friends ask her to watch cartoons, she explains how books transport her to a different world and she would much rather read.

But one day, she runs out of books to read. She is totally at loss , until she finds three shelves filled with books. There is one little problem though,  little Puchku is little and the bookshelf is tall! The next few pages are brilliant with Puchku planning of ways to reach the shelf. Each one of her plans seems more impossible and whacky than the previous one - from using a rope to climb, to getting a giraffe or a monkey or both! How did Puchku finally reach the shelves? Read the book to find out .

" A Book for Puchku" is written by Deepanjana Pal and Published by Story Weaver. This book is available in 4 languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and English. So if you want to give another language a try, its a great option too.  Rajiv Eipe is brilliant with his illustration, children will love the purple hued Heroine. Yes, you read it right - purple coloured, curly haired loveable Puchku. When I finished reading this book to my daughter, she said " Puchku is exactly like me !". Life does come a full circle!

Educational Value: 4/5
Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 6/5 ( You may correct one point for bias ;) )
Age Band - 4 to 7 years

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Roomana Basha: Mother  | Founder and CEO | Loves books - Currently reading The Ivory Throne by Manu S Pillai | Fitness Freak 

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