Book Review: Chatur Chanakya and the Himalayan Problem

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai is renowned for his work in Management books on strategy and leadership using Chanakya's wisdom.  He is now speaking to a different audience with his book " Chatur Chanakya and the Himalayan Problem" published by Penguin India - The Preteens. 

The books is set in the backdrop of a school - Vani Vidyala . Any kid ( or even a parent) who reads this book will recognise a few classmates and themselves in  the characters of the book.  Himalaya is the bully, his pranks are crossing the limit and everyone is at the edge of their patience.

In comes a new student, Chanakya. He is brave, smart, intelligent and inspires his peers. A larger than life character, possibly, the only one in the book who is not somebody we may have met in real life. But, children love heroes and this one is a good hero to have. The plot is good, language is simple and crisp and children will enjoy it . Im a parent who loves to read children's books too, if you are like me then this book is a must buy for both parent and child in the house :)

There are many important life lessons in the book, the most important one being that no matter who you are , you can stand up to bullying by being mentally strong and smart.

The second one that I personally found more important was that you don't necessarily have to fit into the popular culture to be popular and loved. Not only is  Chatur Chanakya different from others in his thought process and actions, he is also different in his physical appearance, he wears his traditional choti ( pony tail) with pride and style . Pre teens are at the stage of life when popular culture can be the most important influence in their lives. As parents we might find it tough to be on the right side of the fight between what is right and popular. Consciously exposing them to heroes such as this book's protagonist seems like a good idea to help our cause a little :)

This book is a must buy for all pre - teens, pick your copy for sub 200/-  at amazon

 Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 5/5

Educational Value: 3/5
Age Band - Preteens

About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother  | Founder and CEO | Loves books - Currently reading Orhan Pamuk | Fitness Freak 



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