Book Review: The Incredible History Of The Indian Ocean

It is amazing that a book named “ The Incredible History of the Indian Ocean”  can cover the battle of colachel in one page and in yet another ask questions about the legacy of Cecil Rhode. 

Simple words and great story telling keeps the interest intact.  The narrative starts from the Tsunami that shook the world in 2004 and moves back and forth. There is the story about PANGEA and Homo sapiens. Along side this there are stories about the Great Flood and the similarity of the stories in various mythologies..

There are small snippet stories relating to the larger story in small boxes. Here is a delicious piece of information, I found from the book was that Sir Jamsetjee JeeJeebhoy was responsible for introducing Ice cream in India. In 1834, he served ice cream , an exotic dish, in his house warming party. Slowly, it became popular in the parties of the rich and wealthy.

Black and White illustrations give life to some of the stories. 

This book is an amazing way to introduce world history centred around India ( Indian Ocean) to kids . Recommended for kids 12 years and above

Written by  : Sanjeev Sanyal

Illustrations by: Nikhil Gulati

Published by:  Puffin Books


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