Book Review: Who is Afraid of The RAKSHAS Sweetie - Man?

The other day, I happened to be witness to  a beautiful interaction between two siblings. The younger child's shoe laces were off and she came to me to get them tied. The older brother ( about 7 years old) sees me bend down from a distance, he comes running " Aunty, Let me do it please!". This sense of responsibility displayed by such a young kid was a pleasant surprise. As parents, we strive to get this for our children. I recommend the book , Who is Afraid of The RAKSHAS Sweetie- Man, as a tool to drive a very simple and clear message to children - We hold a responsibility to our loved ones!

Two little children afraid of a stranger (that too one that looks big and intimidating) can immediately get the empathy of our children.  Rakshas Sweetie - Man is one such stranger. This man also happens to own the best sweet and toy shop in the neighbourhood. Do these two children muster up the courage to talk to the stranger and get the sweets? On the one occasion that they do get some semblance of courage to go upto the shop, Rakshas Sweetie- Man shoos them away!

Having pets instills a sense of responsibility, love and empathy in kids. One day, when they see their puppies run to the Sweetie- Man's shop, they have no choice but to conquer their fears and walk inside the shop to save their loved ones.  What happens next is a surprise twist in the book. It also helps children break the stereotype of  "Bad Looking = Bad Person". 

The story is written in simple, everyday language and is an easy read. The illustrations are so beautiful, that I couldn't help including another picture here!

You may download the online copy for Free  - hard copy is available at just INR 35 at the Online Pratham Book Store .This book is available in Hindi also. Summer Vacation might be a great opportunity to start reading in our mother tongue !

Educational Value: 5/5
Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 5/5
Age Band - 4 to 7 years

Publisher : Pratham Books

Author : Ranjit Lal

Illustrations: Lavanya Naidu


About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother to a book lover  | Founder and CEO | Loves books - Currently reading The Ivory Throne by Manu S Pillai | Fitness Freak 

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