Book Review: The Globetrotters

Hudhud is the class bully. He teases his classmates and plays pranks on them and stops at nothing. He even has the audacity and guts to play pranks on his teachers. No one knows how to deal with him. One day he does something really bad, worse than the abysmally low standards he had set for himself. He teases a boy about his dead grandmother!

There is a mysterious new history teacher, who is very angry with this. She curses Hudhud to teach him a lesson that he will never forget. He has to travel different parts of the world in the form of migratory animals — A whale, a caterpillar, a turtle, a reindeer and an arctic tern. His friend joins as his companion along the journey, but he won’t remember this journey. This is Hudhud’s journey. A journey to find answers to some questions. Having lived through hardships, hopefully, become more kind and compassionate. Will Hudhud find the answers? Will be stop being a prankster? Will he turn into the proverbial new leaf? Read the book along with your child to know answers to these questions

The book “ The Globetrotters” is split into 5 chapters, each for a day’s worth of reading. The chapters are rich in detail about the particular creature whose form Hudhud takes on. The chapters are also highly informative on the natural habitats that each of these creatures belong to. There are also moral lessons in each of the chapters. The book is light and not very preachy, children will enjoy it. Any book that helps children know more about nature, habitats and environments is a must read. This one does so in a light and energetic way. Although black and white, the illustrations are very lively and an integral part of the story. Highly recommended for 9+ Year olds

Educational Value : 5

Age Band — broad band : 9+ years

Publisher : Puffin Books

Author : Arefa Tehsin

Illustrator: Nafisa Nadini Crishna

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