Book Review: Seed Savers

Many years ago, before I had kids myself, when people used to talk about what their kids were upto, I used to get very amused. On hindsight, the best thing I did was to reserve judgement, quite honestly you never know what it is like to be a parent till you have a little one yourself! The most amusing thing I heard was this, a colleagues 4 year old kid asked him how the egg is connected to the plant ! Now that Im a parent to two kids, growing in a city, Im not amused with this any more. I know that this is possible!

I chose to review the book, “seed savers” because it helps in explaining farming, growing food and the problems involved in a simple yet very effective way. Our farmers face many issues, this story chooses to focus on the problem of lack of availability of local seeds and the inflow of GM and hybrid seeds. The story is set in a village, where the farmers are facing a big problem! They had a poor harvest last season and are now facing a problem of seed shortage. Instead of opting for store bought seeds that need more chemicals and fertilisers to grow, the community decides to come together and create a more local solution. They decide to create a seed bank !

I highly recommend this book, because it helps children understand the problems that one faces while growing crops. This will help them understand how important it is to not waste food and in general reduce and reuse more. No problem is too big to solve, if you involve the community ( people around us). The book very beautifully captures the ethos of the village life and yours truly became nostalgic of her younger days! I think that might reason enough to buy the book!

The illustrations and colourful and children are guaranteed to love it !

Educational Value : 5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not Applicable

Age Band — broad band : 7 + Years

Publisher : Pratham Books

Author : Bijal Vaccharajani

Illustrator: Jayesh Sivan

About the Reviewer:

Niranjana Reddy — Mother of two sons | Software Engineer | Loves to cycle| Aspiring Master Chef | Bookworm | Nerd | TV Junkie

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