Book Review: Why are Bubbles Round?

Curiosity is what got us from Homo “ XYZ” to where we are now.  Children see the world with a wonder that we as adults seem to have forgotten. Why do Turtles come out to lay eggs? How does it rain? How does a baby calf know to swim? How does a magnifying lens work? Why can’t I mix this coconut oil in water? 


Their questions are endless and answering them helps us learn more deeply. I firmly believe that you can give an answer to a question in simple words only if you are an expert in the subject. 


Pratham books celebrates this simplicity in one of its latest books, “ Why are Bubbles Round?” . I don’t remember the last time I had that question in my mind, it happens to be one of those wonders of science that we as adults seem to take for granted. And yet, ask us to explain, we struggle!


My answer:  Sphere is the shape that has minimum surface area for a given volume


Sample the answer in the book : When we make bubbles, we blow air into the bubble skin. The bubble skin stretches least when it is round. Bubbles are lazy! They don’t like stretching more. That’s why they are round!


Twins Maya and Manu go around experimenting with bubbles and answering questions like – Why are bubbles round?  Will you get round bubbles even if the wire is shaped differently? Can you add colors to bubbles? 


Summer vacations are a time to get off the grid, go to grandparent’s place, play with simple toys, play outside, and make bubbles and experiment.  Reading from this book will help your kids understand science concepts they encounter in their daily life in a simple yet very effective way. 


Educational Value: 5/5
Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: NA
Age Band - borad band : 4 to 7 years 

Publisher : Pratham Books

Author : Sukanya Sinha

Illustrations: Swapnil Kapoor



About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother to a book lover  | Founder and CEO | Loves books - Currently reading The Ivory Throne by Manu S Pillai | Fitness Freak 


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