Book Review: The Cat in the Ghat

Living in a city, I feel a deep urge to take nature breaks to recharge my batteries. Many years ago, when we were trekking in the southern Western Ghats, we saw a very different cat. Having grown up in the region, I figured that we were very lucky that day. Because we may well have seen Pogeyan, the legendary cat that comes and goes like the mist. We were elated. We were lucky enough to have seen it! Many who live close to the jungle had not been this privileged.

When I came across the children’s book , “the cat in the ghat” quite by chance at a bookstore, I decided to pick it up . This is a story of a wildlife photographer, Sandesh Kadur, in search of the cat Pogeyan.

Sandy, always the dreamer, had seen the Pogeyan once in his life and decides to revisit the Western Ghats to photograph it. Along the journey, he meets fascinating animals. The Bengal Tiger, nonchalant, about another cat, since he is the Top Cat . The herd of Asian elephants who promise him that they hadn’t seen the cat. The Lion Tailed Macaque who guides him to the location of Nasikabatrachus ( yes it’s a real species ) . This strange creature with a stranger sounding name guides him to a man who has seen the Pogeyan . Sandy meets Krishna; does Krishna guide him to the Cat? Read the book to find out.

The narration of the story is funny and many of the sentences rhyme. The accompanying illustrations are quirky and they beautifully support the narrative style. This is a great book to buy for kids who like animals and nature!

Educational Value: 5/5

Age Band — broad band : 7+ years

Publisher : Pratham Written By: Ambika Rao Illustrated by : Ruchi Shah

About the Reviewer:

G.K. : City Dweller, Nature Lover| Father to an 5 year old| Avid Reader| Loves to watch and Play Cricket| Day Job at a Start Up

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