Book Review: Telephones Bell to Cell

Since the start of the summer vacation for my daughter, we have been travelling frequently to our home towns to get some grandparent time for our kid. I have been doing most of my work on the mobile phone, including typing of this book review. This Ubiquitous gadget has changed the way we live more than any other invention of mankind. Most parents reading this post, know of other modes of communication that existed in the past. Kids of today of course are a different breed. My kid didn’t even know about letters till I took her to the post office the other day and explained how people communicated. I think she understood that it took a long while to get a message across to people back in the day!

“Telephones Bell to Cell” is a great attempt at explaining the history of telephones and how they have “evolved” over time. The book starts from how Alexander Graham Bell’s first phones were directly connected to each other. When telephone operators used to connect you, you had to be careful of what you spoke as she could listen into the conversation, if she wanted to. Wonder what our pre teens, who want their own cell phones, would think about this?

After explaining mobile phones in their current form, the author makes an attempt at explaining how the future might look like for phones. The final page is a set of open questions to spark discussions on what phones of the future might look like? From a technology stand point are we there yet? What would our wish list be for a phone? How do we control e — waste? Although the author doesn’t touch upon the subject of privacy and cyber — security, this could be great Add — on discussion points to have with our children.

You may download the e — copy here —

Educational Value: 5/5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not Applicable

Age Band — broad band : 8+ years

Publisher : Pratham

Author : Veena Prasad

Illustrator: Nishith Mehta

About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother to a book lover | Founder and CEO | Loves books — Currently reading The Boy At The Top Of The Mountain by John Boyne | Fitness Freak | History Buff

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