Book Review: How Heavy is Air?

Today we review a simple straight forward Book. A book that explains the concept of weigh of air and air Pressure. They say kids learn best when they experiment. This is a nice book to start kids with experimenting with things around them and in the process, learn a little science. “ How Heavy is Air”, a Pratham book does a great job of rousing the kids curiosity because it manages to build a very relatable story around the concept that will keep the kids interested till the end.

Lakshmi was tired of carrying the bags of vegetables. She sees a balloon seller carrying so many balloons with air. She knows air has a weight and she decides to experiment to see if she can feel the weight. She carries out two experiments at home. 1) Air filled balloon floats but the balloon without air falls faster. 2) She fills a 1cubic meter long box with air and keeps it in her chest but is not able to feel the weight at all, but the vegetable bag she bought that has the same weight( 1.2 kgs) feels heavy.

Lakshmi is curious, as a matter of fact certain and challenges her science teacher in class. Her science teacher designs a few experiments with balloons to explain to the class the concept of air pressure. Does Lakshmi find out the answers she is looking for? Read the book to find out. The book also has two very interesting experiments to further fortify the concepts and which children can easily learn at home

You may read the e-copy here —

Educational Value: 5/5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not Applicable

Age Band — broad band : 8+ years

Publisher : Pratham

Author : Yasaswini Sampathkumar

Illustrator: Shohei Emura

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