Book Review: Adventures with Hanuman

“Everyone can see and hear and talk to someone from a story they know and love”, many of us can relate to this statement. This is also the statement Hanumanji gives by way of explanation to the surprised Raghu, when He materializes in Raghu’s room. Raghu is a 12-year-old boy and he is upset about his life! His problem is the same as what most of us go through. When life is simple and everything is peaceful, boredom sets in. This is what makes Raghu yearn for an adventure.

When Hanumanji materializes in his Room, he offers to take him on his adventures. Raghu protests saying that all his adventures are over, the Ramayana is over, Sita has been found and there is nothing left to do. “ The Ramayana is always happening”, says Hanuman, “ every time someone reads it”.

Thus begins an adventure for Raghu where he accompanies Hanuman as he plays his role in the greatest epic of our time!

Every reading of the Ramayana is different, because you experience it differently. Every story teller tells it differently. Arshia Sattar in her book “ Adventures with Hanuman”, describes it as a 12 year old boy from our times as experiencing the Ramayana. This makes it easier for 12 year olds from this generation to read and relate to the story.

Raghu is not a mute spectator in this Ramyana. He assists and aids Hanuman. The conversations that the two protagonists have are laced with wisdom and yet conveyed in a simple manner. This book is also age appropriate as Hanuman returns Raghu back to his bed, before starting the final battle, which is filled with all the gore of a war!

This is an endearing rendition of the Ramayana that every pre teen must own.

Educational Value: 5/5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 4/5 ( We take away one point, because the protagonist is sometimes a little casual that can border on disrespect)

Age Band — broad band : 11+ years

Publisher : Rupa

Author : Arshia Sattar

Illustrator: Sunaina Coelho

About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother to a book lover | Founder and CEO | Loves books — Currently reading Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick | Fitness Freak | History Buff

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