Book Review: Who's on Divya's Map

From Treasure Island to Masquerade, books on discovering maps to treasure troves hidden in secret uninhabited islands has captured imaginations of the young and the old alike! From the times we grew up to now, treasure hunt happens to be a real popular game. There is something inexplicably romantic about using a map to find things :) 

"Who's on Divya's Map? " is the first time , I have come across a book that describes how a map is created. Divya lives in faraway Gajapur and is looking forward to her cousin visiting her from Cuttack. Ravi is travelling alone and Divya wonders if he would be able to find his way to her house. She then comes up with an idea to make a map so that he can find his way easily. She goes outside and decides what all to put on them and slowly draws the buildings and landmarks. Postoffice, Grocery shop, pond, Banyan Tree - all these find a place in the map. Every locality has people that are almost landmarks in their own right - Binoy uncle and aunty who are always outside, Ramesh always under the Banyan tree and Shabnam aunty by the pond. Will cousin Ravi find the map useful? read the book to find out!

In the last decade or so technology has enabled us in ways that one could not have fathomed some years ago. Map Apps have ensured that we don't need to remember directions anymore. The newer generation almost takes it for granted. In the process of using all the apps, we  probably end up not noticing things in our own localities. Making a map of our neighbourhood might actually be a fun learning activity to do with our kids this summer. This book would be a good reference point to see how it is done - simple, yet useful way to draw a map :).  Maps can throw open a lot of conversations - from simple landmarks to history and current geo political situation. Depending on our child's level, the conversations can keep building. And at Ekdali, we honestly believe that conversations are the most important step in learning!


Educational Value: 5/5
Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: NA
Age Band - borad band : 7 + years

Publisher : Pratham Books

Author :Rohan Jahagirdar 

Illustrations: Smitha Shivaswamy


About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother to a book lover  | Founder and CEO | Loves books - Currently reading The Ivory Throne by Manu S Pillai | Fitness Freak 


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