Book Review: Magic Pot Magazine

Magic Pot is a weekly magazine for children targeted at nursery and primary school kids. The magazine is from the stables of Malayala Manorama. The magazine is a treasure trove of stories, puzzles, colourings and activities for children. The illustrations are colourful and easy to understand. There are also a variety of stories for kids – stories with only pictures that encourage children who have not yet learnt to read to use their imagination to tell these stories, stories with very little text but with big fonts and few stories that are text heavy which would need an adult to read out the stories to kids. The stories are suited to an ‘Indian context’ and while some stories focus on delivering a moral value, there are some which just focus on the simple joys of childhood.


One of the recurring comic series centers around two ‘Rakshasas’ – a good one and bad one. The bad Rakshas goes around creating trouble for humans while the good rakshasa undoes the trouble and restores peace. Personally I like the fact that, instead of bucketing every Rakshsa as bad, the stories attempt to showcase the good and bad in all of us.



In the current edition I particularly liked a story where a little boy helps out a puppy only to be helped out by the puppy and its friends on a later day. A very important life lesson to teach our kids,  only if you help those in need would you get helped when you are in need.


There are also small simple recipes that kids can try out with some adult supervision. My son and I have already done some and are looking forward to more


Please subscribe to the book right away, at INR 15 a copy its a steal :)


Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 4/5

Educational Value: 4/5

Age Band  Broad: 2 - 4 years | Best Suited : 4 years




About the Reviewer:  Chhaya Ramani: Mother to a 4 year old | Book Lover |  Has a full time HR Job | Thinker | Loves walking on  Chennai's Beaches


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