Book Review: Ganesha's Sweet Tooth

We are big fans of value for money books, most of the books we pick for review are very affordable. But, today we make a deviation and pick a slightly expensive book. We still think it is value for money because it is a collectors item, the sort of book our children’s book shelf can proudly store in the front rack. Every page is a visual treat ! Apart from the stunning illustrations by Sanjay Patel, the story is also something that kids can keep coming back to.

There are a few legends about how Ganesha broke his tooth. Most notable among them being the one where Ganesha fights Parashurama to stop him from entering his father’s abode. The other being the one where he gets angry at the moon God for laughing at him and throws the tooth at him. “Ganesha’s sweet tooth” is an adaptation of the later and ends up creating a very relatable and cute story around this piece of legend.

Despite Mooshik’s warnings, Ganesha ends up eating a special Jaw breaker laddoo that ends up breaking one of his tusks. He is very upset that it makes him look lopsided. Mooshik tries to explain to him that everyone loses their teeth and besides, Ganesha is already different and his friends accept him for who he is. Ganesha is still not convinced and throws the broken tusk at the moon, but it ends up hitting the great Sage Vyas. Sage Vyas then enlists Ganesha’s help to write the longest epic poem in the history of mankind, “ The Mahabharata”!

There are many lessons to be learnt from the book . It is ok to be unique and different. Sometimes, a bleak situation ( the breaking of the tusk) can just be a precursor to something extraordinary ( The writing of the Mahabharata). In our experience, children love it when we make religious stories very friendly and close to their reality and it can help in creating a bond with the said religious aspect in a quicker way. This bond made at an early age tends to last a life time.

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Educational Value: 5/5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal:5/5

Age Band — broad band : 5 to 6 years

Publisher : Chronicle Books

Authors : Sanjay Patel & Emily Hanes

Illustrator: Sanjay Patel

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