Book Review: Revenge of the Puppets

I remember seeing puppets in my Grandma’s old Metal trunk, when I was about six years old.  When they were growing up, they used to have events around the puppets and invite kids from the neighbourhood. There used to be  an annual wedding too, when my grandmother’s family used to cook a feast for all the small guests that arrived at the "wedding".


I chanced upon the book “ Revenge of the Puppets” the other day at a bookstore.  The first memory I had was of this conversation with my Grandmother and the metal trunk with puppets.  My sons and I love books and if they evoke memories, then there is no way we won’t pick them .


Four puppets – Jhumri, Veer, Dagdu and Kalia come alive everyday with a beautiful puppet show.  But, they are getting old and  are torn in various parts. Their masters have made a decision to replace them with new puppets. They have even stitched up new ones. What will our puppet heroes do? Read the story to know.


Not only is the story good, there are a few lessons our little ones can learn from it.  When something is old, one doesn’t always have to throw it,  it can be mended and reused.  Another bigger lesson, entertainment doesn’t always have to be on the screen! Pick this book on the publisher website .

Publisher recommended Age Band : 7 to 9 years 

Educational Value: 5/5

Role Model Attribution : 4.5 / 5 ( 0.5  points less because there is a small fight/ tear up activity in the end)

Publisher: Karadi Tales

Author: Nadine D'souza

Illustrator: Ayush Rajvanshi