Book Review : Petu Pumpkin and Tooth Troubles

What were your biggest worries when you were 7?  I can remember them mostly being about not completing homework, winning the Kho kho match with 'B' Section and figuring out excuses to stay outside and play a little extra. "Petu Pumpkin and Tooth Troubles" is a  funny slice of life story that captures similar aspirations and hopes of a bunch of 7 year old boys.

Petu Pumpkin is the biggest foodie in his gang of friends. While talking to his friends, he realises that he is not part of the Gab club, in fact he didn't even know that such a club existed! What is a Gap Club? Well, all of his friends have lost their teeth, and so they are automatically part of the Gap club. Petu on the other hand has to lose at least one tooth to be part of the gang.

Meanwhile, the Gap club has been challenged by the 4th graders for a football match. The Gap club doesn't have a real football and they practice with a plastic ball. Petu sees an opportunity in this to get his free pass into the Gap club - Barter his soon to fall tooth for a football with the Tooth Fairy. The ensuing chapters will have you laughing in fits, at the gangs funny attempts to get Petu's stubborn tooth out. The discussions the children have before writing a letter to the Tooth Fairy will make us smile, they decide everything from the tone of the letter to the words to be used. Does the Gap club get a football in time for the match? Read the story to find out.

This book is a refreshing change from all the adapted Mythology stories that are very popular these days. The children will love the mild suspense in the book . The parent reading it will love it for the nostalgic memories the book can kindle. Although, in black and white, the illustrations are quirky and smart.  I highly recommend this book for the upcoming summer vacation. Pick your copy on Amazon

Broad Age band : 6 to 8 years

Publisher : Duckbill (hOle Books)

Author : Arundhati Venkatesh

Illustrations: Shilpa Ranade

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