Book Review: Neelumbera on a Full Moon Night

Two things work really well when teaching maths to children.  First is to get them interested in the problem at hand with a story. The second thing is to showcase how important maths s in their life.


“ Neelumbera on a full moon night” does exactly this. It is the story of a boy named Baku. Baku is led into a unique forest, with blue monkeys and pink elephants ! Inside the forest he comes across a troubled woman. The source of her troubles is a sick daughter and she needs the nectar of a Neelumbara flower on a full moon night. The problem is this blooms only once every week. Six months have gone by and she still hasn’t been able to get the nectar.


What follows is a beautiful way of solving the LCM problem by Baku and helping the lady in distress.  It also explains the Lunar cycle pictorially! The book dedicates a page to explain the concept of LCM. There is also a real life problem for kids to solve, once they have grasped the problem!


The accompanying illustrations are so beautiful, one can't tear away the eyes from the book. We love the fact that Pratham publishes children’s books in full color instead of just the cover page in color! This book is also available in 8 different languages!

You may read the book here . We picked the hardcopy at the Atta galata Book Store in Bangalore


Educational Value: 5/5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not Applicable

Age Band - broad band : 7+ years

Publisher : Pratham

Author : Aparna Athreya

Illustrator: Nirzara Verulkar

About the Reviewer:

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