Book Review: Battles and Warriors

After the last book I reviewed – “ The Unknown Indians”, seeing the interest it generated in my boys, I decided to pick up another book in the exploring India series – “Battles and Warriors”.  The boys are busy at school, with the Independence Day rehearsals at school.  The older one is good at keeping secrets and hasn’t uttered a word about what the “surprise” is for us. The little one though is participating in a performance involving the song “ Aye Watan”. Since the whole mood in the house was about history and Indian Freedom Struggle, I thought it would be a good time to introduce this book as well.


Wars are important; we need to talk about them. We need our children to be taught about wars. There are twp reasons why children should know about war


1.     There is a cost of war – Human lives lost, environmental loss and economic loss. The earlier the next generation learns about it the better it is !

2.     Even though we keep discouraging war, they are a reality! Some part of the world is in war . What this means is that conflict is a reality!  This helps children realize that one cannot live without conflict and one has build their own way of handling conflicts in their life!


The other reason why wars are important historical events is that they change the course of history in a very short period of time. “Battles and Warriors” does exactly this , it  traces the history of our country through 5 main wars that happened in different epochs of time !  Alexander Vs Porus,  Ashoka Vs Kalinga, Rajendra Chozha Vs Kingdom of Srigiriya, Babur Vs Lodhi and Battle of Palashi.


Each of the chapters is very interesting, describing the build up to the war, the battle preparations, battle formations, size and strength of each side and the war itself. The most interesting part of the book is that, it explains the winning strategy of the book in detail.  After an important war, a history changes it course. The chapters, also explain the aftermath of the war and what it meant for the victor, the vanquished and the nation in general!


The illustrations in the book explain are a great visual depiction of the war and the way the warriors dressed for war.  The book depicts the war scene in detail, but there are no illustrations for this, we used this as an exercise opportunity! As I read the scene, my older one drew the scene so that the younger one could visualize it more clearly.


Since, its that time of the year, we did a lot of emphasis on reading the last chapter, about the battle of Palashi. I continued the story to the 15th august, 1947again with the help of milestones and the “Our Freedom Struggle” poster was the story telling aid.


I highly recommend this book, the simple text and the flow of the chapters will help children in picking up the concepts more clearly and easily! At the same time the book is highly informative

Educational Value: 4.5/5 ( I reduced .5 marks, cause I thought the illustrations could be more rich with battle formations etc)
Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not Applicable
Age Band - broad band : 9 + Years

Publisher : Red Turtle

Author : Subhadra Sen Gupta

Illustrator: Tapas Guha

About the Reviewer:

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