About us

We make stuff that can kindle  curiosity . Curiosity is what brought us from Homo-whatever to where we are. We love it.Most of what we make is made for kids. This is because, we believe, if we can kindle a kid’s curiosity, we got adults by the neck :). Yep, we love Maggi and Dairy Milk!If you have read this far, we are happy. A few more lines and you have our loyalty for life.

Why make posters or visual learning aids?

Everyone loves a good story. This is ours.  One of the founders went to Bannerghatta National park in Bangalore (Yes, thats where we brain it like Beckham) with their Pre schooler. After answering nearly 1219 questions on Crocodiles, the Founding Mother was ready for another barrage of questions on Tiger. A step into common area saved her. On the wall hung a poster- a set of four OK OK photographs of a tiger and a really scientific detailing of its habitats. The Pre schooler was hooked. The Founding Mother came home and got this poster of the tiger made...

Who is this We? Good question

Roomana , Part time Founder, Full time Mother

Nerd. Geek. Thank God, it is cool now to accept this. Roomana works with teachers, professors and whoever sounds intelligent to get the designs out.

Jagga, Co Founder, Ops Man

Nirvana personified. A great ability to do nothing for hours. Controls operations here. If your order is delayed, he is the reason.