Ekdali Essay Contest - Student Reshma

A Teacher is someone who teacher is someone who teaches the children in school”, this is gong by the normal definition of a teacher. But a teacher is much more than that, she is someone who is an inspiration to the students by her good qualities and raises students self esteem. The world considers the teacher as a person who teaches, but I consider them as “ Real World Heroes”



A teacher opens the mind and heart and kindles a child’s interest. “ One child, one teacher, a book and a pen can change the world”. Teachers who love teaching , teach children to love learning. Good teachers are the reason students dream to do extraordinary things.


Most students don’t like maths, they consider it a “ Mental attack” on themselves. Initially my favorite subject was science, but it turned into math because of my favorite teacher. My favorite teacher is the best and the “bestest”  teacher I have ever had. My favorite teacher is “ Usha Ma’am” , she is the teacher that inspires me. She also teaches maths.


The one and only soul responsible for my interest in maths is  my usha ma’am.  She doesn’t teach math in a bookish way, she uses real life incidents to make us learn maths. Her classes are interactive and it appears like she is talking but somehow she connects it back to maths.


At the beginning, she used to scold me because I never paid attention in class, but slowly I realized she has my best interest in her mind and slowly she made my interest in maths also grow. This understood much later, but once I realized that she scolds me for my own good, I stopped feeling bad about it.

The main reason why I love her so much is that she understands us students, and what we want. She makes us understand our issues and problems. She is the only teacher who interacts with us like we are her friends. While most teachers will avoid even taking chocolates on our birthday,  she asked me “ where is the cake?” . That’s why everyone loves her, and we students wait for her period in class. 

Usha ma’am was my maths teacher in 7th standard, Im now in 8th standard and I miss her a lot. If she becomes my maths teacher again I will move to the first bench again. She has made me into a studious girl. I love her a lot and miss her a lot.