Tips to retain learning during holidays

Holidays are probably the most awaited time of the academic year for students. They require the rest and relaxation and obviously some fun. However, according to research, summer learning loss is a condition that is dreaded by teachers and parents. It is during this period that children tend to forget what they learnt in school. 

Why is it important to retain learning during holidays?

1. The child should not be completely lost in class while his/her teacher is explaining something new.

2. Being well prepared with what was taught pre-vacation, helps the child to hook on to the new information given to them.

Summer camps, music classes, sports, special classes -  these are some of the options parents often contemplate as the vacations approach

A few other ways in which parents can ensure that, their kids retain learning:

1. Reviewing past assignments or projects done in school, engaging in a discussion on what they learnt and what they found interesting. (, 2018)

2. Workbooks and quizzes work wonders with children. It is fun and Parents can create similar worksheets or look up for resources and engage their child in doing so.

3. Reading is proven to be good in developing a child’s thinking capacity. The parent can co-work with the child and pick up a book of his choice and in a day set aside 10-15 minutes to read a chapter or two. 

4. Another activity that excites children is going on outdoor visits, take them to a library have them pick up a book they like. Take them to a museum or the planetarium to initiate their quest to know new things. (Oxford learning, 2015)

5. As parents we definitely know what are, the strengths and challenges of our children. We must work with them in trying to ease their challenge areas by dedicating 15 mins in a day on revisiting those subjects or topics.

6. Building their Math skills, this is definitely very important. Play fun games which includes mental math and help them speed up their calculations. 

7. Make sure the child spends less time in front of the computer, TV, phone and video games. Encourage them to rather, go out and play and engage in physical activities.

8. There is one point that parents often overlook during the vacations. That being, food. It is an absolutely NO. Avoid feeding them junk, in fact feed them healthy to stay active and alert. (Genovese, 2017)

9. Another important aspect to help the child feel less of pressure and boredom is allowing him or her to Free play. It helps them build their imagination and creative skill. It is healthy for their development, to keep tapping on their own instincts to play and explore. It enables the child overcome many of his/her fears and obstacles.

About the Author:

Vineeta Thomas has extensive experience in the education section. She has worked in the spaces of community development and action research. Child development and the effect of parenting on the same is an area of interest. She writes basis her real life experience having interacted with students and parents cutting across age groups. Vineeta is based in Chennai and is a hands on Mamma


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