Story Telling: A Good Skill to Build in Kids

We have been coming across a lot of articles on why we should tell stories to children.  Telling oral stories and reading stories are known to benefit children in many ways.  There is growing research to indicate that there are many benefits to getting children to tell stories.


1.     It helps them in creative thinking.  Children love to imagine things, story telling can help them build this skill set

2.     It helps them in organizing thoughts.  Clearly putting a beginning, middle and end to a story helps in thought organization. Thought organization is one of the most important skills to develop in young adults

3.     Presentation skills. Often the biggest fear that many of us face is to stand in front of an audience and deliver a speech. Story telling involves two of the key facets of presentation – preparation and delivery.  This prepares them for good presentation skills

4.     Story telling helps children understand the concept of empathy. Good stories are one where the audience empathizes with the storyline/ characters. The more stories they tell, the more children understand what is working and also why it is working

5.     Self -stories are very important. Learning to talk about self is a very important social skill set to build. It helps children present themselves better and helps them as adults too in the way they can relate with others


Developing this skill in kids takes time; here are a few things you can try


1.     Tell stories yourself. If the kid has a favourite story, try to repeat it often. Once in a while, you can ask him to tell the story to you.

2.     Expose them to good story telling. There are many kids story telling events happening around the country, you could sign up for a few of those

3.     Reading a lot of stories together also helps kids in structuring their own stories better

4.     Pictures serve as fantastic props to build stories. You can use a picture book and build your own stories. You can also cut and paste related images in a chart and build a story

5.     Prepare a story. Get the kids to practice one story and present it to a group ( may be school group if the school allows for it).  This way they learn that good presentation is about preparation and delivery. It will also help them build confidence


All our adult life, we hear stories about people, products and organizations. Building this skillset in children will help them professionally, no matter what careers they choose.

Curated By:

Team Ekdali