Following through on Resolutions

New year is here! It is human to hope. We hope to make it better for ourselves this year. We make resolutions.  We follow them too. But research indicates that by the time we reach the month of February 80% of us have fallen back to old ways. That is we don’t follow through on our own resolutions. 


Everyone including the most “successful” of us have a myriad of things we want to work on.  We want to grow fitter, thinner, read more, travel more, invest more, spend more time with family, and grow professionally.  With so many priorities, we are clearly setting ourselves up for failure.


Here are a few things that research has proved to be effective in achieving our resolutions


1.    The most important point to remember when setting resolutions is to ensure that we focus on a few areas. This might be subjective, but a lot social science research has indicated that a maximum of 3 areas of focus ensures that we see it through to the end

2.    The next idea is to ensure that these 3 areas of focus are split into actionable Goals. When setting goals it is important to set them up SMART, an acronym for the following

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Relevant

T- Time Based

a.    For example in the space of Self- Development, an example of a smart goal would be.I will complete the PMP certification by the end of March. It is a very specific goal on self -development. It is relevant for a Project management role. It is measureable because you get a certificate at the end of it. It is attainable because your peers have attained it.  It is also time bound

3.    Visual one of the most powerful motivational technique. Writing down the goals and tracking them. Put these trackers in a place where you see them daily

4.    It takes anywhere between 15 to 40 days to make a new behavior a habit

5.    Reward yourself. 42 km marathon might be daunting. But 2 kms continuous running is not and after a few days 3 becomes the new 2. Set up milestones for each of the goals and celebrate

6.    Social commitment. It is useful if a partner or a friend knows and once in a while follows up about this


At Ekdali, this New year, we launched a few trackers that have been designed keeping in mind all of the above research. We encourage you to pick one and try it this year. Oh,  and please don’t forget to write back to us about how they are helping you


Compiled by Marketing team