Memories Maketh a (Wo)man

Some days ago, December 13 to be precise, the sky was supposed to light up with a meteor shower, the Geminid Meteor shower to be precise. Anything to do with the sky that we can see from the earth is phenomenal. I get so excited my friends think that somehow the younger me has travelled forward in time.  Thanks to the diffused light in the cities we live, the shower was reduced to a few shooting stars from where I observed. But it was still an experience that I simply loved, and kept sharing with anyone who would even pretend to listen.


When I observe the sea standing on the beach, the vast nothingness of the horizon has an otherworldly effect.  Thoughts & memories flow like water, crashing against the beach and slowly, thoughts disappear and some memories stay and you get to feel the vast nothingness inside too. Perhaps, this is meditation or it is just happiness in its pure sense.


A few days ago, my husband was playing the Suprabatham in the morning and it reminded me of exams, because in my hometown it gets played in the teashops in the wee hours of the morning. The only time one wakes up in the morning is during exams!


Sometimes a whiff of a familiar perfume does that to you. The other day, I was visiting my mother’s house ( My childhood home) and used an old perfume . Memories started flowing from college days, the innocent pleasures of bunking class, hanging out with friends, dutching for a 10 buck plate of vadai, combined studies where no study happens, the list is almost endless.


“ Amma” that teeny voice of my 4 year old brings me back to the present. The present is beautiful. A daughter, a friend for a husband, a simple home and good venture to keep me busy during the days. 


My husband often tells me, the present is the past you would be nostalgic about in the future and I couldn’t agree more. But being an adult with responsibilities brings with it, its set of woes and often times one tends to not count the blessings. It is normal and human to get carried away.


Often when I reach the space where, I m counting but not really my blessings , some things do help me . A strong sense of roots, a mentor who often tells me not to fight the situation but let it fall, a friend who listens, a good long run, a good book. Most of all it is this vast a repertoire of memories that have the ability to transport me, that has helped me keep the act together.


As a parent, I realize that this is the best time for my daughter to start her collection and sometimes, my husband and I try hard to build them for her. But at other times, I also realize that it is her life and her destiny and she will collect her own memories and tie them together to make her unique individual. The magic of seeing her grow and her saying , “ Aaan, I remember it now” leaves me with a smile and a sense of accomplishment like no other!  Moments like these I know for sure that this is one of those pasts too that I will be reminiscing about in the future!


About the Author:

Roomana Basha - Mother to a 4 year old | Fitness Enthusiast | First Bencher| Book Lover | Founder and CEO