Kids Short Stories on Finding Happiness

Kids Short Stories - Finding Happiness

Long long ago, in the village of Khimsar in present day Rajasthan, lived Krishna. Krishna was a young man of about 18 years.  He was a daydreamer. He hardly ever did anything worthwhile. 

His father tried very hard to get him to work at his farm but to no avail. He would come to the farm and sit down and look up at the sky .  He would do so little work that it infuriated his father. Somedays, he would be so distracted that he would do all the wrong things. He would pull out the plants, instead of pulling out the weeds, he would wrongly water the already watered plants.

Krishna’s parents were very worried about him. They were getting old and they knew they wouldn’t be able to work forever. Krishna had to learn some responsibility. But they just did not know how he was going to turn around.Some days they would admonish him and some days they would explain this to him kindly. Krishna would accept that he would start working, but he never did.

One day, Krishna’s father got a letter from his sister. His sister was in Jodhpur. She had a small grocery shop in Jodhpur. The shop was doing well and they were doing well. But, her husband was old and needed help in the shop. He was unable to manage it like he used to. They did not have any children of their own, so she had requested Krishna’s father if he could spare Krishna for a few days to work at the store. She also promised Krishna’s father that she would put in her best to make Krishna learn the value of hard work. 

Krishna’s parents discussed among themselves and concluded that this might just be the opportunity they had been waiting for.They convinced Krishna to take up the opportunity too. 

As it so happened, the letter had a strange request. Krishna had to walk from Khmisar to Jodhpur.  No one understood the need for this, but Krishna’s father insisted that his older sister was a wise woman and they should heed her advice.

So Krishna’s mom packed some Theplas and Achar for the journey. She also gave him some money, so he could buy some food on the way. After a small pooja at their home, Krishna set off on a journey that would change his life forever.

Krishna travelled alone. The journey would take him 6 days. Krishna usually loved to be by himself and be in a dreamworld when he was at home. But, today he found the loneliness a bit bothersome. He realised he was missing his parents. He ate in silence, walked in silence and slept under the stars .

The next day, Krishna woke up and started walking. It was noon and the sun was very hot. He found a tree and sat under it. He thought in his mind,” I wish I had some cold water to drink”. And suddenly, a glass of water appeared before him. He was shocked but happy and drank it.

After his thirst was quenched, he wished he had a sumptuous thali meal. And a meal appeared before him. He ate the meal well and dind’t think too much about it. When  he woke up, he wished for some sweets and sweets appeared before him. He realised that there was something magical about the tree and he could get what he wanted from the tree.

So, he wished he had some money, but it didn't appear. He then thought maybe the tree only gave food and water wishes and wished once more for sweets,but that didn’t come either. It dawned on him that the tree only gave a limited number of wishes. He was very upset with himself that he had wasted away his wishes on food, water and sweets.

He was so upset that he started crying. An old man was passing by and he saw Krishna crying. He came closer and sat next to Krishna and understood from their conversation what had happened. 

The old man explained to Krishna, “ Son, I live around these parts and have seen many young men and women wishing for things and the wishes coming true. Some knew what they wanted and wished for it, others didn’t and wasted their wishes. But, many of them came back and I had a chance to speak with them. Some were happy and some were not. Do you know who the happy ones were?”

Krishna thought the answer was so obvious and responded that the ones who knew what they wanted and wished for it were the happy ones. The old man slowly responded,” You will be surprised to know this, but there was no correlation between people who were happy and those who got their wishes.”

Krishna was curious and wanted to know what made people happy. The old man responded that the people who were happy in the long run were the ones who had worked hard and provided for themselves and their family. The happy ones enjoyed the process of working to earn money. They loved their families and felt fulfilled. So saying, the old man left the place leaving Krishna to his thoughts.

Krishna still had to finish his journey, the rest of the journey passed in a jiffy. Krishna had a lot to think about. He realised that life had given him an opportunity. He would be able to learn a lot while helping his aunt in the shop.

When he reached Jodhpur, he was very thankful to his aunt for the opportunity and he applied himself to the shop. He worked very hard and he enjoyed the work also. Soon, the shop started doing even better than before and his aunt wrote a letter to her brother about Krishna’s contributions. The parents were very happy to hear the news and finally felt a weight lift from their shoulders

Moral of the Story:

This short story is adapted from an old Rajasthani folk tale.  The story speaks of enjoying the journey . We often end up thinking so much of our goals ( wishes) that we forget that the hard work and the ups and downs along the way is what makes achieving the goals interesting.

We recommend this short story for kids above 8 years. It is a great way for 3rd and 4th graders to independently read and think about their own work and journey.

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