Finding My Rhythm

No, Am not talking about music! I’m talking about another kind of rhythm- The kind that comes to you when you feel one with yourself and the rest of the world around you. For some this could be music, for others it could be eating, cooking or even shopping. In my case it is running.

Like most blogs/ experts point out that you can start running at any age, any level of fitness and health – I started my love affair with running not so early and not so late – at the age of 21. As it happened, yours truly was trying to lose some weight and she thought walking was the way, till a friend, who later became boy friend and now husband, pointed out “Walk?!! Really??!! Start running”. Those four words changed my life forever!

I would be lying, if I say that once I discovered the joys of running I never gave it up. What I can safely say is that I fall in and out of love with running but when I’m in love with running, I’m in love with life.

I have run countless marathons, half marathons and numerous distances without even measuring. No music, just running at a steady pace. The Wind on the face, the pounding of the heart, the shortness of breath- To me that is a state of meditation and I find meaning in life when I run.

Four years ago, when I was pregnant, I stopped running. My gynecologist was doubtful and recommended walking instead and so ended my love affair. For a woman, there are many things that need giving up to gain that exalted state of motherhood! (If you didn’t notice the hint of anger in the tone, let me affirm that I was angry)

One day, six months after the baby, I started running again at a neighborhood park. I became a better mother, wife and most importantly a better person. Running does that to me – I become a better person. When you become a better person, finding the rhythm of life, you become a better mother!

Then once again, the running ended, almost abruptly and may be the word “tragically” fits better with the back injury and thus started my torrid affair with the “ bed rest” and horrible body aches that have lasted for months on end with no respite.

Just when I was going to give up on everything, I started walking a month ago, slowly at first and then increasing pace. The most miraculous thing happened yesterday, My daughter was playing and called me for a race and just like I ran with her! Yes ran! And I kept at it for half an hour, with my daughter. This time the rhythm had even more meaning than before, because I was running with my loved little one. This time I hope to ensure that the rhythm continues for long .

I wrote this down to inspire all mothers and anybody else who reads this blog to find their rhythm( despite and may be because of various breaks) and be better parents and better human beings!


Roomana Basha – Full – Time Mother | Part – Time Founder & CEO,