Ekdali Essay Contest -Teacher Fatima

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice. Im  Mrs. Fatima Basheer and really happy to participate in the Ekdali Essay contest. I worked as a math teacher in Jain Vidyalaya Madurai, instead of saying worked I must say learned and enjoyed..

When I read the topic for the essay - " The Student who taught me", My immediate thought was about my student - Karthick Ramanathan ad Im really happy to share my learnings from my student here.

About three years ago, we took our students on a field trip to Sivagangai district to the museum, fort and other historical venues in the district. We were about 4 teachers and a couple of hundred students on the trip. As with any activity at our school, we teachers had to do our homework, in finding out about the place and imparting the knowledge to the children. We also found out the contact details of the Meuseum head, Mr. Ramasamy who had agreed to help us when we reach there. Because, we were teachers with students special arrangements were made for us so that our visit would be fruitful.

Mr. Ramasamy had sent a young man of about 24 years to help us out during the day. He was a soft natured boy with a smiling face and was a great guide. We had great fun at the trip and I must say that the young guide really made the trip worthwhile with his knowledge and his helpful nature. 

At the end of the day, Mr. Ramasamy met us and we were very thankful to him for having made such beautiful arrangements for us. All of a sudden, my student, Karthick got out from the bust and walked into the museum office room. He went to thank the young guide who was with us through the day. Seeing this, I realised that I felt guilty that I hadn't bothered to say thank you to our guide who had put so much effort to make our day pleasant. But, I also felt proud that a small kid, my student had the sensitivity and presence of mind to do the right thing. This little incident made me aware of flaws in me and I have decided to be more thankful and sensitive to people around me- no matter how big or small.

Nuts and Bolts are tiny in size, but they are very important to hold the machine together. After this incident, I have started making an effort to greet and be thankful  to the behind the scene people who help us shine like stars. Karthick brought about this change in me, I feel very proud that he was my student. 

We must find time to stop and thank people who make our lives comfortable. Thank you Ekdali for giving me this opportunity to express, and by reading this essay even if one person decides to make the change of being thankful, then I would be very happy and the credit goes entirely to my dearest student Karthick.