Ekdali Essay Contest - Student Naagasri Harinee

"A great teacher once taught me that you must have faith that everything happens for the best. I have had many setbacks in my career and every setback has lead me that much further into my truth" was said by suze omen. Hello to everyone who are seeing my essay. I'm S.V.NAAGASRI HARINEE. I'm here to say some wonderful words about  the best teacher who taught me.

A teacher is not only one  who takes lessons but also a person who is the most important in everyone's  life because she is the person who teaches  us about our lives (discipline , self-esteem, self-control, self-employment, etc...).

I would like to share a short and sweet story about such a teacher who taught a great lesson to me. "Once a small girl who was studying in 1std was not interested to go to school without her mother. But her parents pushed her to go to school. After some days she came to her mother and said that she loves to go to school because of her class teacher. The parents thought that the teacher was beautiful and so their child loves  to go to school . They were very eager to meet  the teacher who was loved by their child. They got a chance to see the teacher at the P.T.M. day(parents teachers meeting) and they were very shocked, when they saw the teacher. Because her face was full of burns. But they noticed that their child loved, her way of teaching and the kindness that the teacher showed to each one her friends.And they were proud to get a teacher like this to their child."

The child was no one else. Its me. This incident taught me that A teacher who teaches everything in a sweet manner is loved by everyone. I was inspired by my L.K.G teacher Mrs. Radhika Rani who was very caring and friendly with all her students. She taught us moral values of life more than the lessons and her approach made her students to be best children  and good citizens  of the country 

Outer look is never important for a human who teaches someone. The inner attitude of teaching in a lovely manner is the main thing that is judged by everyone.Do things for all with what you have and teach all with what  you know with a positive mind in a friendly manner.