Cool Fact - Mayan Tapir

The zebra is not the only black and white mammal in the world.
The Malayan Tapir is another example. All other Tapirs are brown in color.

The Tapir is a herbivores mammal, with a snout and lives in the jungle of South and Central America, with one species inhabiting Southeast Asia. The one in photo is the Malayan Tapir.

Malayan tapirs are sometimes called “Oreo” tapirs because of their distinctive black and white color pattern resembles an Oreo cookie. 

Tapirs have a thick heavy barrel-shaped body ideal for crashing through dense forest vegetation.

Tapirs have poor eyesight but good hearing and sense of smell.

The Malayan tapir is the largest of the four species of tapir and the only species in Asia. - link to our world map in which we have graphically showcased this. Our map has monuments and Animals making it easy for young kids to remember.