Best Activity Box for your kind

Parenting challenges for busy parents in nuclear families with toddlers are plenty. Urban parents especially in the times of the pandemic are stuck at home and they resort to mobile to keep the kid occupied.In a busy life, you almost forget the importance of inculcating right kind of activities for the development of your child. Activity Boxes are great for your child to keep them occupied. Here are four things to look for in an activity box for toddlers.

1. Look for themes in the activity boxes - the best activity boxes are the ones that cater to your child's interest. Themese such as solar system,  organ systems, maps, dinosaurs are pretty popular with kids

2. Research in Child development - look for brands that have proven track record of research in child education. Prefereably look for Activity boxes put together by educatore

3. Cognitive Development: Boxes that help kids in their development are very key. Look for boxes that engage kids in a variety of activities such as Reading, writing, problem solving and creativity development. An ideal box could contain, some books to read, a few charts and cards for visual stimuli, a few worksheets for kids to solve and some hands on activities or activuty ideas that can be done at home

4. Think about Age appropriate Activity Boxes: If both parents are working and you dont have too much time, think about buying Activity boxes that require less of your time and can be done by kids on their own.  This ensures that while the parent is busy, kids can engage by themselves with the activity box

We have curated some great thematic Activity boxes for kid - take a look -