Activity Ideas - When Biba Eats

These set of activities are built around the Poster, “ When Biba Eats”.  For all the little ones who have the poster, they can refer to it while doing the activities.


One of the easiest activities you can build around this poster is to build a set of questions around spotting parts of the system together.

Look at the poster and spot the following

  1. Stomach
  2. Large Intestine
  3. Small Intestine
  4. Liver
  5. Anus



This is a level two activity that can be done with the poster.  This activity is meant to make children read about the functions of various the parts of the system.

  1. Can you find out which part is responsible for secreting enzymes and acids to help with the digestion
  2. This part is responsible for throwing the waste out of the system. Can you spot it?
  3. Which Part stores bile?
  4. Which part is like a pipe and responsible for pushing food to the stomach?
  5. Which part of the system creates insulin?



This is a level three activity that needs the child to be aware of healthy eating habits.

Walk to the kitchen an write down a  list of 5 things that will aid your digestive system.

Think of 3 things you have eaten in this week that would have made digestion difficult.



This is a reinforcement activity that will help kids remember what they learnt.

This activity requires a white paper , color pencils, stickers, old magazine, glue stick and a pair of scissors

Take a sheet paper. Draw the outline of the system on the paper.  Make a collage. Make the system as colorful as possible.

Once you are happy with your own work

  1. Mark the parts
  2. Write down the functions of the parts

Hope you and the little enjoyed doing the activities.

With Loads of love,

Team Ekdali