5 Reasons why kids must play outside

We all know this intuitively, being outside is really good for our children. We all literally grew up outside! In today's day and age while we very easily blame the gadgets for creating excuses for kids to stay indoors, there is another compelling reason why kids don't play outside as much as they should ! Shrinking spaces ! Kids don't have a safe street or a park to play in. The onus then falls on us parents to find avenues for them to play outside. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you must put the effort

1. It give the mandatory exercise: Children have a huge need for physical activity ,running, riding , jumping, swinging etc help them use their muscles . Exposure to sunlight helps the bones get stronger. Outdoor play helps kids grow stronger.

2. It helps them stay healthy:  Some amount of dirt is good. It helps in strengthening the immune system better. Playing in the mud and getting dirty are of the easiest ways to ensure that kids don't develop allergies later on in life

3. It helps them sleep better:  A good amount of unstructured physical activities gets the kids tired and they tend to sleep more and better !( This may be the most compelling of the reasons for us mommies to get the kids outside ;) )

4. They develop good social skills: Any unstructured play with other kids of similar age group helps them grow social skills. They learn to share more, negotiate better and learn to let go of small battles . They also tend to be more pleasant during the rest of the day if they play more

5. They do better academically:  Research has shown that at least 60 minutes of outside play improves academic performance by 30% ( Ok,  You got us we just made up the numbers) The reality is that playing outside helps kids improve their concentration levels and the overall good side effects of the other points mentioned above, helps them do better academically

Need we say more. Let us make that extra effort to get the kids to play outside as much as we can. Besides, some moms, this one included, has found that play time is "me time "for the mommy. Read, watch, listen to music or better yet get those sneakers out and add a small walk or jog to your day as well!