4 Reasons to do a digital detox!

Why buy posters in the age of digital technology? Content comes straight to your screen, just a few clicks and scrolls away. Why Posters? Or any format of non digital content


 As mobile phones and pads penetrate more into our lives, there is a lot of research on the harmful effects of the screen on children.


1.    Unlimited screen time affects the eye  - Screen emits blue light, which is the shortest wavelength light. It penetrates deeper and creates more harm. In case screen time limit cant be applied, there is a rule to follow-  20/20/20 screen rule. After 20 minutes of screen time take 20 seconds away at,least 20 feet away

2.    Our attention spans are reducing- Because of the highly colorful,  extreme sensory stimulation that digital content offers, real world seems very boring. Dr. Richard Restak’s book The New Brain: How the Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind covers this topic in depth. He discusses how we are all capable of reaching a breaking point where we lose our ability to focus due to overstimulation.

3.    Social Issues – The more time a child spends behind the screen, the less he has time to make real world friends. It because a perpetual cycle, and they get more withdrawn

4.    Lack of physical activity has overall negative impact on health – Screen time mostly equals sedentary time. For young children, depending on their age, it is recommended that they play from 3 to 5 hours. 


Ekdali was started with the idea to bring curated content to children. It is age appropriate and screen – free. It can be used as a great conversation builder around a particular topic and build curiosity. We believe, that curiosity is most of all it takes for our young ones to get hooked to something.  Go ahead, build conversations and make learning fun with our posters


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