4 Rainy season activities

The monsoons are here! Paper boats are the first use we put paper to! Lets recreate that magic for our little ones! Here are a few things you can do with the kids when it is raining. Make sure kids are dressed in full raincoats and boots before you try any of these.  Our Grandmothers always used to make us drink something warm after we get back home (reluctantly of course). That is still the best rainy season tip – warm turmeric milk, warm water or Chukku malli Kappi still work!


Paper boats:


Make a few paper boats. Go outside, find a stream and set the boats and run downstream with it. It is also a great opportunity to talk about buoyancy. Why boats float .


Here is a brilliant book we found on the topic - https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/34971-sailing-ships-and-sinking-spoons


This is a free online book by Pratham


Muddy Puddles:


Jumping in muddy puddles has got to be the one activity that  every kid will enjoy. Surprise your kids, put on some boots of your own and jump along with them. A word of caution, ensure that the puddle is a fresh one . Stagnant puddles are a strict no no.


Snail Sighting:


After it stops raining, many sidewalks are filled with snails coming out and moving at snails Pace. Take your kids out for watching these.  There are many snail species you can spot. Make it a fun game and see who spots the most number of snails.


Here is a good book by penguin to get your kids started on reading about snails 



Measure the Rainfall: 

Cut a small water bottle. Mark the sides with measurements. Use a funnel in the mouth. Place it outside where it can get unobstructed rain.  After the rain stops rainfall ( mm). Compare with the local weather report 

Happy Rains! 

Curated by Team Ekdali